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Learning to fly can be a considerable investment. The primary determining factor of the length of time a course will take and the cost incurred will be the regularity of the flying. If you fly regularly the knowledge and experience gained is more likely to be retained, which reduces the need for remedial flights and catch up theory lessons at our ground school

Regular training leads to quicker learning which will minimise the overall cost

The size of Amber Aviation Academy allows training to be tailored to your schedule and rate of learning progress. Unlike the larger commercial flight schools, training is conducted on an individual or small group basis, with an assigned instructor. This personalised tuition approach encourages more questions and personal dialogue, resulting in an improved learning curve and better educational outcomes

The first step in your aviation journey, this course is designed to take prospective pilots up to the level of competency required to fly within 40km of the airfield and carry passengers.

Whats involved

To obtain the RPL you will need to complete a minimum of 25 hours flight training of which 5 of those hours must be flown solo. 

A Private Pilot's license will allow you to fly to almost anywhere in Australia taking family and friends to enjoy the adventure. For those considering a career in aviation a PPL is your first step towards gaining a Commercial Pilot’s licence

whats involved

You will complete a minimum of 19 hours dual navigation, 2.5 hours solo navigation and a 3.5 hour flight test

The skills and experience gained during your CPL and command bulding course will put you on the path towards a career as a professional pilot.

Whats involved

This is an integrated 150 Hr course and includes the RPL, PPL and CPL flight training and theory examinations

The Night Visual Flight Rating (NVFR) allows you to fly in visual conditions at night which is a requirement for Airline Entry and Flight Instructor rating. This rating includes basic aircraft handling and navigating at night. To be eligible you must at least hold a PPL


You will complete a minimum of 12 Hours Single Engine Dual NVFR and 2 hours Flight Simulator Dual

The multi-engine rating provides you with the specific skills required to safely and accurately operate a twin-engine aircraft. This course is essential for aspiring professional pilots and private pilots who want to step up to more capable aircraft.

Whats Invloved

 You will complete a minimum of 8 Hours Dual Twin Engine, 5 Hours Ground Course, 2 Hours Flight Sim and a 1 Hour exam

MECIR allows pilots to fly multi-engine aircraft in full Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). You’ll learn how to use the air-traffic control system, and expand your knowledge of aviation weather reports and forecasts.

Whats involved

You will complete a minimum of 23 Hours Dual, 20 Hours Flight Briefings,  20 Hours Dual Simulator and a 3.5 hour flight test

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