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Yes, provided you meet the CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) age requirements at the time you are ready to undergo a flight test:

Recreational Pilots Licence – 15 yrs

Private Pilots Licence – 17 yrs

Commercial Pilots Licence – 18 yrs


Yes. Before you can begin flight training you must undergo a medical conducted by a CASA approved medical practitioner. See the table below for the medical certificate required for your course:


Which Medical certificate do I need?
License Certificate Validity
CPL Class 1 1
PPL Class 2 4


For further information please see the CASA website

Detailed cost breakdowns can be found on our Courses page

Everyone learns at a different rate and the following are estimates of flight time required for each license. Frequency of flying, learning rate and commitment to study will determine the overall time it will take to obtain a license


• RPL will take a minimum of 35 Hrs flight time

• PPL will take a minimum of 25 Hrs flight time (in addition to the RPL)

• CPL will take between 150 -200 Hrs flight time

No, all that we ask is that your account remains in sufficient credit with us. Just maintain a pre-agreed upon account balance of $1,500 so that there are no delays to in your flight training.


If you wish to pay upfront you will recieve a 10% discount on your flight training

No. We try to make every effort to keep you with the same instructor. However, there are occasions when you will fly with senior instructors for periodic stage checks during your progress. Ideally, we prefer to keep you with your chosen instructor

Both the aircraft and its occupants are fully insured. 

We require that all career-path students where their uniforms whist at the academy. You are intending to become an commercial pilot, and should take on such a responsibility as soon as you start!