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Ready for your very first flight?  Our Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) is an ideal way to discover the joy of flight, learn more about aviation, and what it will take to become a pilot.


You'll receive expert flight instruction including practice on a simulator (3hr TIF), which boasts state-of-the-art avionics systems and the latest training technology. You’ll be briefed on the aircraft and how it its controlled in order for you to fly it. 



  • Startup procedure - Following the checklist to initiate engine start up 
  • Radio Communication - Receive the weather information and communicate with ATC (Air Traffic Control)
  • Taxiing - Movement of the Aircraft on ground from the parking bay to the runway in use
  • Take–off & Climbing - You and your instructor will take off from the active runway and climb to the assigned altitude
  • Departure - Depart Essendon control zone as per our airways clearance.
  • Straight and level - Clear of the zone track to the desired area where you will get to practice various flight sequences related to Private Pilot Licence (PPL) training
  • Returning to Essendon - You and your instructor will fly the aircraft to one of the inbound reporting points, request the clearance from the Tower
  • Joining Circuit & Landing - Following the clearance your instructor will set up the aircraft on approach for landing and demonstrate a landing 


TIF's can be a 1hr or 3hr session with all time at the controls going towards flying time for your private pilot's license 



3 Hr TIF: $495

  • 1 Hr Classroom Lesson
  • 1 Hr Flight Lesson in the Full Motion Flight Simulator
  • 1 Hr Flight Lesson in a Liberty XL2 / Cessna 152

1 Hr TIF: $395

  • 1 Hr Flight Lesson in a Liberty XL2 / Cessna 152
Trial Introductory Flight