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Recreational Pilot Licence

The Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) is the first step you can take in flight training. On the successful completion of your RPL, you will be able to fly a light, single engine aircraft as the pilot in command without supervision within our designated flight training areas. Additional short courses such as the Navigation and Controlled Airspace endorsement allows you to fly almost anywhere within Australia. 


Our RPL course was designed to exceed the standard CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) requirements and incorporates Basic Aeronautical Knowledge theory and one on one tutorials, backed up by extensive pre-flight briefs. This course is available part or full time. International students may join this course but there is no student visa available for this program.


Whats involved?

  • Basic aeronautical knowledge examination and associated aircraft category rating
  • Flight training including 25 hours of flight time: 20 hours of dual flight and 5 hours of flight as pilot in command
  • The recreational pilot licence flight test 


Am I Eligible To Study For My RPL?

Students can begin study at any age but must:

  • be 15 to fly solo
  • be 17 before CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) will issue a license
  • pass a English language proficiency test


What are the costs?

The RPL course at Amber Aviation Academy is uniquely designed for each individual based on learning rates, choice of aircraft and the planning of flights. As CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) courses are competency based training, the cost of obtaining a license will vary based on your rate of learning. Our experienced instructors are committed to providing you with the most cost effective options based on your preferences.


The cost breakdown on the right is based on the minimum flight hours prescribed by CASA. Our experience has demonstrated that most students require more than the CASA minimum


How long will it take?

Typically this course takes 8 weeks if undertaken full time. The duration of the part time program will depend on frequency of flying and learning rates. Most students attain an RPL within 6 months when they fly at least once a week.


Additional Info

Before you can hold a RPL, the following must be completed:

  • Obtain an ARN (Aviation Reference Number) and an ASIC (Aviation Security Identification Card) from CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority)
  • Pass a medical assessment for a Class 1 Medical conducted by an approved CASA doctor.  Refer to the CASA web site for further details
  • For those students wishing to go further towards a RPL, a class 1 medical is recommended.

Your instructor can provide you with the necessary forms, and guide you through the process.


An indication of the costs required towards the RPL based on the CASA minimum training requirements:

  • 26 hours dual C152 @ $285: $7,410
  • 10 hours solo C152 @ $185: $1,850
  • Single Engine and Radio Operators Course: $440
  • Flight Theory and Briefing @ $55: $1,375
  • 3 CASA exam fees @ $75: $225
  • 26 Landing and Air Services Charges @ $65: $1690
  • Total: $13,549
Recreational Pilot Licence

Not sure Where to Start?

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